So this is what I found

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So this is what I found

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:36 pm

What do you guys think? I was looking around on the site where I made my website for my art, but they didnt have any options for social interaction or forums so I tried google. This site seems to have more options and better tools in general, plus its easy to use and customizable.

I dont expect you to use this specific one, I just threw it together to give an example of what this site has to offer. I picked the green skin because I like green too. You guys are more than welcome to mess around on here, and I can give Finkswitch or someone the password to admin so he can check it out. Yall know more about internet junk than me Razz I just draw pictures haha.

Looks like it can handle a lot of content in a post too, which I know was an issue on the other site. You can embedd youtube videos and do all the fancy text formatting too Very Happy


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